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Above, AudioRAZR working with his Bluetooth Cell Phone & she is listening to her iPOD!  


                      Headset with Optional Audio Module             Bluetooth Audio Module attaches to Computer              



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 Offices & Distribution Centers      
Honolulu HAWAII
; Portland OREGON; Chicago ILLINOIS;
Montreal CANADA

Satellite Centers 
Philadelphia Pa
; Baltimore Md; Hot Springs Ark;
West Palm Beach and New York City

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BlackRAZR front center, to the right 12 in 1 Flash Memory Reader/Writer, to the left Audio Module with Analog 3.5mm
 standard audio ear jack plug. Notice Mom's headset is barely visible while daughter's is totally hidden under hair style.  
The Black RAZR on the table connects Laptop to the Internet while Grand mom uses it for phone call, all at same time.

Above each is tuned to a BlackRAZR (grandmom), iPOD (mom) or Laptop playing 'Ice Age' DVD Movie (grand child).

your meister is seen below helping to connect the Laptop to the Internet VIA
RAZR which will act as a "Portable" High Speed Modem for Free.
     Here you can see how you simply connect to T-Mobile's HSDPA Technology with        
RAZR to act as a high speed Internet modem anywhere in the USA for               
       ONLY $20 (in 2005) per month Unlimited Hours & Data transfer.         

 You may also notice in the picture above the following: to the left of the Laptop   
   Keyboard is the Fabric Audio
RAZR Travel Pouch and to the right of the Laptop     
   a 12 in 1 Flash Memory USB Reader/Writer along side a Black
RAZR connects      
   without any wires because of the use of Bluetooth (which means NO WIRES).     

      Those wires you do see are mostly USB cables that are being used temporarily     

    as A/C power rather than rely in the back yard on batteries.  I should point out    
 that the small disk with the one wire coming out seen bottom right of all three  
pictures is the KEY optional accessory that will connect to almost any known  
  audio device either with the analog 3.5mm cable above or Digitally a USB 2.0   
        cable that can also serve as a means to charge or power the Audio Module itself.  

   If you would like to see the new color brochure found inside the Audio
Blue Clear Blister Pak please go...


Basic Kit Includes RAZR, Battery & Charger

nique & Special Features:
  1. Removable Rechargeable 16+ Hour Battery
        2. Triple Fold Headset For Travel convenience     
BOTH Analog & Digital Inputs on Audio Module 
4. Hot Swappable Rechargeable Batteries      
   5. Charging by A/C, D/C, Airline or even USB  

6. Can Be Used with SKYPE, Vonage or VoIP  
            7. Excellent with any MP-3
/ Apple / Juke boxes       
8. 30' Long Range Bluetooth Computer Adapter
             9. Six
RAZR's can use Same Sources of Audio (ie TV)   
            0. State-of-the art Reference Audio listening Quality 
11. Dynamic Detachable USB 2.0 Microphone
        12. 2 Oz Sleek Design Disappears with Hair Styles
13. Multi-Mode Transceiver for Audio Module
14. Dual Head-Band Kit That Fits
Any Head   

15 No inside the ear discomfort and over the head contraption

16 Great on Computers, Netbooks, Motorcycles, & Apple iPads
   17 Will work with all Cell Phone Providers, Brands & Models
     18 Can Connect to Cell Phone and Computer @ Same Time...
           19 If Enjoying Music on Computer when Phone Rings Auto Mutes...
              20.  When Cell Phone Call Ends, Music Resumes Exactly Same Place

MANUAL, Drivers, Software on easy CD-ROM


 4 G cell phones / can act as Free Internet Link

Sony Curve
World 5 Band